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kei Great songs, great voices! I've never been to any place in USA, but these songs make me feel that I'm standing at center of no man's land. LOVE! Favorite track: No Man's Land.
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released December 10, 2013

Andrew Camp - Backing Vocals
Jonathan Class - Keys
Alex Dobbert - Drums, Backing Vocals
Andrew Frank - Bass
Josh Frigo - Vocals, Guitars, Keys, Bass, Aux Perc
Ben Goodrow - Bass
Sean Ashcraft - Sitar

All songs written and produced by Josh Frigo. Engineered and mixed by Alex Dobbert and Jonathan Class at The Varsity Recording Co. Mastering by Brian Lucey. Album art by Philip A. Johnson.



all rights reserved


Coyote Talk Nashville, Tennessee

Coyote Talk is Josh Frigo and Alex Dobbert. New single, "Spirit of the Night" is out now from the upcoming album "Shangri-la". Shangri-la will release on March 31st.

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Track Name: American Soul
Laid out under an August sky
Smoking cigarettes and drinking dandelion wine
And I want to take you there
The smell of gasoline in the summer air
It's where you feel

Oh that American soul
Oh that American soul
Oh that American soul
Take me home

Reborn up in the northern bowl
She crossed over the border where the sentinel patrols
Yeah, she's like a setting sun
Headed out West with her hair undone
And she feels like
Track Name: No Man's Land
Child of this blood and bone
No place I'd ever call my own
I've been carrying this gypsy stone
And praying that you'd get to me

You're saying "Where's your country son?"
And "Tell me of the things you've done."
Well I've been living on the run
And praying that you'd get to me

I was born of no man's land
Wild, young, and free
But I've seen her face and felt her grace
And that's where I want to be

So maybe I have seen a light
Or drank too much on Friday night
But I gathered you and held you tight
And darling that was home

So lead me to a better place
Where this all dissolves without a trace
And every line's lost in in embrace
'Cause darling that is home
Track Name: Mantra
Living, dying
Leaves the body trying
Time is assurance
Memory is an undercurrent

I take you down
You needed "now"
When you go and lose it on the floor

I said, "Oh, this is the mantra."

Rise up, waking
The earth it has you aching
Distance, the tantra
And California's the mantra

Holy is the man
His labor's made him tan
He's doing what he can
His face turned toward the sun
Wings against the jet stream
Fuselage is empty
Life made in remembering
Renewal in the run
Track Name: L.A. Baby
I...I'm staring at the lights
Coffee on the flight
Four more hours 'til land

You...You're waiting in the car
We're driving through the dark
You're asking about the band

Life with the L.A.
Time with the L.A. baby
Life with the L.A.
Time spent with the L.A. baby

We...we're climbing to the roof
We're kicking off our shoes
We're talking with your friends

We...we're counting up the hours
Your necklace made of flowers
It never seems to end

There's people in the audience
Demanding that their images be timeless
Well let them throw their stones at Jericho
Cause Joshua don't know the things that I know
Track Name: Santa Maria
Maria's in the hourglass
Remembering her epitaph
Don't touch or taste or feel or see the sights

Pretending he's a vagabond
He sings to her his minstrel song
"Maria I dream of you every night."

I know this is the heart of it
I don't want just a part of it
Who's to blame when you started it
I won't take just a part of it

Packing in their artifacts
They take her father's almanac
And travel past the rows of house and home

She pardons all the things he's done
He calls her his anointed one
Santa Maria

I'm gone,
My girls she's on the run
I'm gone,
And she's the only one

So take me out of Babylon
And bring me to Jerusalem
And lay me down upon the sun-warmed stone

Let's paint us in the marble sky
And somersault the starts at night
We're fading out we're nearly all our own
Track Name: Parachute
When I shed my winter skin
When I get back to Michigan
When I get back to Michigan
Beyond the road

When I swim the summer tide
And feel the tall grass at my side
When I brush the tall grass at my side
And we jump from the boats

Oh the talons and the teeth
In the catacombs beneath
Welcomed in journeymen practicing their feats
Keep me here in Tennessee
In the back room on my knees
Take me in, Katherine, I'm trying to believe that

When it all comes rushing down
And we crash into the ground
When the engine explodes over the sea
When I fall back to the world
When I get back to my girl
I'll parachute down from this troubled sleep
And it will be...

When we burn the drift and bark
And we trade clothes in the dark
And we trade clothes in the dark
And we're not ourselves

When we hold each other tight
And you say "It will be alright"
Say "It will be alright"
And I'm not myself

When we get back
From the heights
When we get back
It'll be alright
When we get back
Track Name: Daybreaks
California's dreaming with her eyes so wide
Face pressed to the door
Beckons through the hall and it carries out
The window to the shore

Sleep me up above in a quiet place
Heaven's pillowed floor
I've been waking in the river in the dead of night
The world, she's wanting more

Send me up

When day breaks through
And sun comes rushing over you
The morning warmth will make us new
And loose the ties we can't undo

I've been in the air on the hilltop
The canyon down below
John has come washing with the water but
I see it's time to go

The devil's in the dirt and he needs my mind
Vision left to sew
Spring is in the valley but December left it
Buried in the snow
Track Name: The Lake House
Start it over, new exposure
Reel me in and pull me closer

The lighthouse boardwalk
Midnight train stops
The winter visions
June baptisms

Lake house tales and sand dune trails
Her wedding dress a strapless sail

Laura laughing
People dancing
The girl, her groom
The empty room

The icy waves
The open graves
The fraying wires
The forest fires

Take me to it. What I knew it
Came along and pulled me through it
Moving on and feeling strong
I'm finding out where I belong
Time will tell that I've been well
Even in my darker spells
I'm holding on when I've been gone
I never meant you any wrong
So hear me now, I'm sorry then
You take me back I'll take you in
My only want my debutant
You take my hand we'll take them on
Track Name: Glory Bones
When the road unwinds to let me see
Her standing in the redwood trees
And my lungs demand to be set free
I know her touch will ransom me

We steal into the endless nights
Undressing in the car's headlights
And the golden boys that spit and fight
They're practicing the ancient rite

Show me your glory bones
She shivers and she moans
Wide-eyed in darkened homes
Show me your glory bones

The kids in their coyote talk
They howl away in parking lots
And the fading neighborhoods forgot
Remember faces we are not

I can't help but fall apart
Track Name: Where I Want To Be (Reprise)
I was born of no man's land
Wild, young, and free
But I've seen her face and felt her grace
And that's where I want to be